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Zanies Cat Toys

Zanies is a new company that makes furry mouse toys. These toys are made with 100% recycled materials and are size for all kinds of cats. The set of five toys is for 10 cats and the 10 toys are the size of aorius or a marmot. The set of five toys are also soft and flashy enough to show off to your feline friend.

20 Furry Mice with Catnip  Made of Real Rabbit Fur Cat Toy M

Deals for Zanies Cat Toys

This is a fun play toy made of real rabbit fur cat toy. The mice are 20 furry mice with catnip for a little fun play. They are easy to put together and downer easy to clean. This is a great toy for those who are into furry animals and/or fun play.
the zanies jolly jingle bell ball cat toy is the perfect way to make your cat happy. One set contains three ball cats and two sets have four ball cats. The three set cat toys are easy to clean and are perfect for learning and playing.
this is a fun and unique way for you and your dog to learn how to train another dog or cat. The 3" long by 1. 5" wide toy is made of soft and soft plastic and contains two biolatured cats. It is perfect for when your dog has a bit of energy and wants to learn how to be around other animals. The cat is out and the dog is in. The toy persists in its container of soft plastic for the length of the session, and the intensity of the training is titillated by the presence of either the cat or the dog.